Kinghitter post drivers are designed and manufactured by Fairbrother Industries in Auckland, New Zealand. Established by James (Jim) Fairbrother in 1977, the family-owned company is a living example of how Kiwi ingenuity creates products that lead the world.

Inventor of the hydraulic post driver - A qualified engineer with many years of problem-solving experience on the land and at sea -Jim Fairbrother was inspired to invent the first Kinghitter hydraulic post driver when he recognised the limitations of tractor-mounted mechanical post drivers. Jim’s invention of the hydraulic post driver puts him in a group of New Zealand inventors that includes William Hamilton, inventor of the jet boat; Bill Gallagher, inventor of the electric fence; and Johnny Callender, inventor of the farm bike.


A New Zealand-owned family company - Jim Fairbrother has been joined in the business by daughter Sarah, as well as a considerable team of engineers, managers, production specialists and marketers. Respected for his ability to think outside the square, Jim still leads the Fairbrother Industries research and development team. His practical engineering skills and knowledge of customer needs help the Kinghitter brand to maintain leadership in the post driver market.



     Fairbrother Facts:

     - Founded in 1977 by Jim Fairbrother
     - Invented the hydraulic post driver
     - 100% New Zealand-owned family company
     - Based in Auckland, New Zealand
     - Kinghitter post drivers are sold worldwide