Fast, safe fence post installation for USA orchard market


The average length of fences and borders around USA orchards can be measured in miles, so speedy construction of such assets is of major importance to owners.

Fence post installers can achieve operations gains using Kinghitter fence and post drivers developed by Fairbrother Industries.

Kinghitter is available in various models that can be customised to allow for surface texture, slope, angle of operation, water courses, weather extremes, isolation, or just about any other challenge encountered by the orchard market.

Designs can be tweaked specifically for the end user in many ways, including a telescopic boom with a 90° sweep across the rear.

Other features include:


- Excellent rotation
- Rear Mounting
- Side Mounting
- Hydraulic Legs for safe and stable operation making sure the full force of the hammer is on the post,
- Plastic Slides and fully adjustable wear pads, making sure this base is built to last
- Rotation around on Hydraulic Rams instead of chain and motors
- Low centre of gravity
- Adjustable counter weight
- A base that can be lifted up/downwards to get over banks/drains

On-site handling is simplified as it can be brought straight off a vehicle with a rear loader.

Kinghitter’s reason for expanding direct national coverage is to increase awareness and knowledge of the competitive advantages gained from using its technologies.

For every American orchard, fence construction is almost certainly going to be done on a very large scale and that calls for a strong, reliable mode of mechanisation to increase speed and safety of installation.

Kinghitter made its name over several decades in the competitive and expansive agricultural markets of Australia and New Zealand, where it is the only long term provider of post-driving technology.

The brand not only has proven ability for long lifespan, it also makes ongoing technological and practical enhancements to its models based strongly on user feedback and operating needs.

Currently, the company has four series of Kinghitters to cover as many requirements as possible.

The key value proposition from Fairbrother Industries is that, as a major supplier, it is on hand to meet any requirement; to customise all those little areas that make critical differences in performance for each application.

The variables for fencing and post specialists are very diverse and rarely are two locations the same.