MASSIVE Discs for South Island


Weighing in at a MASSIVE 7 1/2 tonnes, 

Our guys rolled this bad boy out of the workshop the other week!
This set of Hooper 4200 HDF Tandem Discs, is by far the biggest we've done. 
This 4200 really emphasises on the skill and capability of all our workers. From the design side of things right through to rolling it out of the workshop doors. 
For this set we and the contractor opted for a European style 2 point Linkage Drawbar. Rolling 36 x 28 inch blades at 202kg per blade penetration, this beast will be cutting unbelievably deep. Hydraulic depth control & Springover Hydraulic Compensator this is the works of the works, not to mention it's only 2.6m fully folded for easy transportation.  Keep an eye out for this 4200 it'll be rolling round Ranfurly.