New Release Postdriver in time for Fieldays


They Asked - We Listened

Dairy Farmers over the past couple of years have been asking us to make an affordable sidemounted Postdriver that they can store freestanding in their sheds.

This was bought on by several factors, the first was price with the lower payout, and also versatility, so they can do all their own Repairs and Maintenance as the contractors have been flat out. The freestanding bit? Well that was just us being clever buggers.

So along came The Donger. The Dairy Donger.
Using Kinghitters Rock solid Terminator Base with 900mm side shift, and our Rancher Deluxe Beam with the added bonus of our Hydraulic Hinge.

900mm Side Shift
Top link and angle adjustment 
4m 180UB Mast
5 bank Valve
227kg Hammer
Adjustable Legs
Hydraulic Hinge