Post driver with telescopic advantage


Often, the less recognised advantages of a post driver are the clever things that show up when the post hitting is actually in practice.

And it’s the very experienced, such as Richardson & Watts Fencing which has been in the business for more than 45 years, that can truly underline how much these extra design elements really mean to its competitive advantage.

As a regular user of a Kinghitter Series 4 unit from New Zealand’s Fairbrother Industries, this fencing specialist points out just how effective this domestically designed and manufactured product really is.

One of the main characteristics that gives us operating advantages is the ability of the Kinghitter Series 4 to operate at low height,” said ………

This is different to what we have seen from the competitors’ equipment; this low height ability allows us to work underneath things we normally couldn’t in the past - such as underneath power lines.

Once I find a product that works it is difficult to change me, and I definitely like the way the Series 4 is developed.

On-site handling is made very simple as it can be brought straight out with a rear loader.

But now, with its design having a telescopic boom and 90° sweep across the rear we don’t need anything else on the job.”

Some of the added extras on Richardson & Watts’ Series 4 include a spade holder, plastic piping, and various brackets.

It seems to be able to handle the toughest of challenges – especially steep slopes,” said Mr …….

For instance, we had one challenge that was so steep it exceeded 45°, so we had 1.5 tonne on the front and simply backed down the hillside and utilised the panoramic swoop to do the job.

With the Series 4 being telescopic it offers us yet another advantage. It means there is rarely – if any - need to dig a hole to overcome any height restrictions – it’s simply a case of just ‘set and hit’.

With some straightforward and regular servicing and greasing you will always get the best out of this machine.”

Fairbrother’s Series 4 Kinghitter base can be rotated into position at the pull of a lever, This finger tip control allows total control of the post positioning, with a massive 1.14m of operating area.

This unit can accept the Kinghitter Series 2 range of post drivers and also the Kinghitter Series 2 Expander. With a low centre of gravity, plus the option of rear-mounted to side-mounted, this base is highly suitable for contractors.

It has excellent balance properties, with an ability to shift the weight behind the rear wheels to assist when climbing with the tractor. Movement is simple as its 1.14m2 footprint means you only need to get off the tractor once, saving time and money.

With Up to 450mm tilt, the Series 4 base has been designed by fencing contractors and built by engineers, making it the strongest, fastest, most efficient base on the market

Hydraulic legs ensure you can place this base on any slope and with the simple pull of a lever it can be placed with all legs on the ground, giving the weight 100% driving impact.

Only 2.1m wide, the whole post driver and base fits inside the tractor wheels, making the series 4 base the most compact rotational base on the market.

Features include:


- Rotation: 1100
- Rear Mounted: 600mm side shift, 200mm back shift,
- Side Mounted: 800mm side shift, forward/back shift
- Hydraulic Legs for safe and stable operation making sure the full force of the hammer is on the post,
- Plastic Slides and fully adjustable wear pads, making sure this base is built to last,
- Rotates around on Hydraulic Rams, not on chain and motors, making this 100% reliable
- Low centre of gravity, tucks in behind the tractor for hill work and driving between jobs
- Adjustable counter weight, making it easy to gain and loose total weight
- The base can be lifted up/downwards to get over banks/drains, Transport width 2.1m ft.

Fairbrother Industries’ Series 4 Kinghitter also fits a Rock Spike Kit, PTO Kit Pump & Reservoir Kit Rock Spike Rotator Ram, Rock Spike /Auger Combo, Ram Pilot Auger and an optional guard.