Remote location in Australia brings out the best in NZ durable post driver


Remote location, harsh conditions and 150km of fence line are arguably three of the most demanding circumstances where a post driver earns its tour of duty over the competition.

On the Alice Springs to Darwin railway in Australia, Kinghitter was chosen against various other brands - largely because of a longstanding reputation for long duty cycles abilities without breaking down.

About 300km north of Alice Springs in central Australia, a Kinghitter S3 unit from Fairbrother Industries knocked into the ground thousands of timber posts to erect an animal barrier strung with #9 wire.

Essentially, the barrier is there to keep out herds of buffaloes, kangaroos, feral horses, camels and various other wildlife from the railway line, ensuring safety and integrity for people and wildlife.

Kinghitter S3 was chosen because it has a heavy duty reputation in this dry heartland encompassing the Northern Territory, rural Western Australia and particularly the Kimberley region.

Being less likely to break down, the unit was seen as a supercharged asset considering the nearest dealer and parts supplier could be anything from 600 – 1200km away.

Kinghitter S3 has a diverse set of attachments and features available from the point of manufacture. These include:


- a 340kg (or more) lead weight hammer
- telescopic mast
- four-metre 150 UC Beam
- 6 bank valve
- 450mm side shift
- top link ram
- angle adjustment ram
- contractors post cap

There are more options on top of these, as Fairbrother will include any customisation which is feasible to add. So with all these assets the fence post installation team on the Alice Springs to Darwin railway knew its Kinghitter was always primed for many different application challenges that could come its way.