The Kinghitter Rock Spike Kit fitted to your Kinghitter is designed to penetrate hard pan, concrete and frozen ground with a high tensile steel spike.

Spike diameters range from 65mm (2 1/2"€) to 130mm. (5 1/4"€) The spike is driven with a minimum 600 kg (1100 lbs) of down pressure, pending spike diameter. This is calculated to penetrate most surfaces without damage to the spike.

The kit incorporates a ‘Spike Extractor’, which transfers up to eight tons of lifting force to extract the spike. This will leave a neat pilot hole ready for either the Pilot Auger or the ‘post’ to be fitted into position.

The best all round option is to order your Pilot Auger and Rock Spike Extractor as a ‘Auger/Spike Combo’ Kit. This should take care of any eventuality.

Illustration is of a rear mounted Kinghitter (Series II Deluxe) complete with hydraulic top link and hydraulic angular adjustment.