Kinghitter is the world leader in Postdrivers

Kinghitter post drivers are world leaders in post driver design. Proudly 100% New Zealand made to ensure the highest quality possible. Constant product improvement through research and development is at the heart of what keeps Kinghitter post rammers at the front of the pack.

 The tagline “the heavyweight in postdrivers” is backed by a product range that holds its own against any other post driver manufactured worldwide. The first model of Kinghitter was released for sale on the New Zealand market in 1977, and was soon exported globally. Around 45 years later the range is still trusted by farmers and contractors, and still at the leading edge of both design and manufacturing techniques.

Why should you buy a Kinghitter post driver?

Kinghitter Post Drivers are the best value you can get. Built for a lifetime of use, supported by an experienced factory team and local dealers who know the product and are dedicated to looking after you. There are no hidden costs or inconveniences when you purchase a new Kinghitter. This is because the sale is handled by a local farm machinery dealer, most likely someone you already have a working relationship with. The post driver is delivered freight free to your authorised dealer, and finance terms and trade-ins are available. Quite a different story to what may seem a cheaper deal when buying direct when the extra freight costs add up and the after sales support is over the phone only.

Kinghitter post drivers are the ultimate in kiwi ingenuity, capturing over 40 years of innovation in a series of rammers which are designed with the operator in mind to ensure they are safe and easy to use in all conditions.
They are the most popular tractor mounted post driver for sale on the NZ market. A range of models suit lifestyle blocks to professional fencing contractors on steep hill country. A Kinghitter post banger will help you get your fences built straight and permanent. Secure fences improve productivity and profitability and a Kinghitter is the first choice of farmers and ranchers.

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Kinghitter Post drivers are designed and manufactured to world class standards to ensure they provide owners with decades of reliable use. The inclusion of adjustable nylon wear plates and the use of machined bushes instead of punched or drilled holes ensures slides and pivots do not wear out, and can be adjusted when required.

Kinghitter post rammers are 100% New Zealand made in a dedicated factory in Palmerston North. They are sandblasted before a high quality two pack paint is applied. Attention to every detail is consistent during the manufacturing process and components are created using the latest laser cutting and CNC machining techniques. Owners of Kinghitter post drivers can be assured they own the highest quality machine that will last a lifetime.