Buying a new post driver vs second hand

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Buying a new post driver vs second hand


Farmers are always on the lookout for a good deal on second hand farm machinery, however in the used post driver market today this is a rare event. It is extremely difficult to find anything half decent on trade me, as most are sold to either neighbours or mates. As usual with any product that has a high demand and minimal supply – second hand prices are comparatively high in relation to the new retail price. Add in the fact that new Kinghitter post drivers are far advanced on the earlier models then buying new makes a lot of sense.

Another misconception is that buying direct from a manufacturer is a lot cheaper and a sure way to save money. While in rare cases this may be correct – mostly the cost of sale is actually very similar. This because instead of the manufacturer giving the retailer a margin to stock sell and support their products, the manufacturer must carry all the stock including spare parts, pay for all the marketing, do all the traveling around the country/world etc.  All sales enquiries, after sales service and ongoing support must be handled by the manufacturer who must employ staff to fill these roles.

A quick google search using terms such as used post rammer for sale nz, tractor post rammer nz, second hand post driver for sale, will show the lack of used options available on the online market. Also check out Agtrader paper, and the farmtrader website. Many customers that have purchased new Kinghitter post drivers have been pleasantly surprised at the value for money they got from their local dealer and were assured they were purchasing the best machine for their requirements.

Contact the Kinghitter sales team  on 094820866 to discuss the best post driver for your farm and type of fencing.

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