Series 5 test by Farmtrader

Kinghitter Post Driver Tested

Jaiden Drought from Farmtrader did a test on the Kinghitter Series 5 Base and the Expander post driver. This trial was at the Christchurch A & P show in 2018. The Series 5 is the top of the line postdriver from Kinghitter, designed to suit professional fencing contractors who need extremely versatile post rammers. The strike zone of the 180 degree rotational base is unmatched by any other post driver on the NZ market. The area covered in one stop from the tractor makes the construction of yards and races a breeze. Easily reach difficult spots across drains or culverts without moving the tractor. The Expander Telescopic mast is perfect for working under trees or covered yards and is compact for transport as well. The diagram below shows the strike zone of the Series 5. The Telescopic mast has enough height to ram in a 4.0 metre post.

The 340 KG lead filled hammer offers unrivalled hitting power, however there is still the option to fit either a rock spike Extractor, or a hydraulic auger if required. This is not your average post banger which have been on the New Zealand market for over 40 years – it is an evolution of technology, painstakingly designed on a hi tech computer program. The net result is a world class post driver ready to take on any fencing job in any terrain and being able to complete the fence quickly and safely.

The latest Series 5 now has a 2.4 metre base width so you can easily drive in posts on either side of the tractor without moving. The series 5 180 degree rotational base can be matched to either the Expander mast or the Series 2 Post driver range. A full range of options is also available.


Kinghitter Series 5 180 degree rotational Base strike Zone diagram

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