The FENCETECH 490 is engineered to withstand the harshest of New Zealand fencing conditions. To do this, we have taken our strongest 150UC beam made from premium 350 grade steel, reinforced the full face of the mast with 6mm Bisalloy Steel Plate, resulting in the most rigid and durable mast we have ever built! 

With the serious fencing contractor in mind, we have combined this mast with the all new SUPERPRO side mounted base, which utilises full nylon inserts on all sliding sufaces, 1000mm of side shift, plus upgraded slider channels and a larger 340kg counterweight, to result in perfectly balanced, silky smooth operation. 

The FENCETECH is compatable with the entire range of Kinghitter Accessories, including the rockspike extractor, auger, torque drill and much more!



  • 4.9m 150UC Mast with 6mm Bisalloy Steel Facing for unmatched strength and durability. 

  • Lead Filled 340kg & 400kg Hammer Options with nylon inserts.  

  • 300mm - 400mm Mastshift Options

  • High Tensile ‘Live wound’ lifting cable for maximum strength and extra life.

  • 6 Bank Valve as standard.

  • Heavy Duty 50mm Postcap with Nylon inserts for reduced friction and wear 
  • Triple Top Pulleys decreases wire rope wear
  • Full option list of accesories eg. rockspike or auger kits
  • The best warranty in the business. FENCETECH is so well engineered it is the best postdriver in the field today.

SuperPro Base


The superpro base provides a 1000mm of side shift, while full Nylon inserts keeps operation silky smooth. A larger counterweight also helps keep the rig super stable at all times. 

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