King Country Base

The Kinghitter King Country Base is a unique design that combines a built in rear shift with 150mm travel and a side shift of 500mm. this is a huge area right behind the tractor that can be reached from one position. The real genius of this base is how compact it is to the tractor. Ideal for steep country and difficult to access fence lines, even on smaller tractors than you would need for a side mounted post driver. 

Perfect for farmers or fencing contactors who have to work by themselves as the large strike zone makes accurate and quick post placement simple.

This base matches up with the Series 2 mast and there fore can be fitted with a wide range of options. The Rock Spike Extractor is a common fitment, as well as the Ram Pilot auger system. 

There are also a choice of masts;

S2-400    4.0 metre rigid

S2-430   4.3 Meter rigid

S2-430   4.3 Metre Hydraulic Hinge mast

S2-490   4.9 Metre Hydraulic Hinge mast

king Country Base 500mm mast shift and 150mm forward and rear shift
Kinghitter 150mm ram on King Country base compact close to tractor
Mast shift showing plastic inserts and hydraulic ram


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