Product Range


Kinghitter has a wide range of postdrivers to cover all aspects of post ramming across the globe. New innovations combined with over 40 years of manufacturing ensures every model of Kinghitter is fit for purpose and ready for a lifetime of hard work. There will be a model that suits your fencing requirements and accessories to overcome every fencing challenge.


There is a vast range of accessories that are designed to make fencing as easy as possible. Regardless of the type of substrate you are fencing in - there is a solution! Often a Rock spike is required, or perhaps an auger is the best option if a hard pan is encountered. Kinghitter have a modular system so most options can be fitted at a later stage, which is very flexible should your needs change over the years.

Fencing Tools

The speed fencing range of fencing tools has been developed by fencing contractors who could not find the right design and durability on the market. Components are sourced from around the world and crafted in New Zealand into the highest quality tools, ideal for professional fencing contractors. You can purchase these tools direct from Kinghitter. You will never look back.


The Kinghitter has made my life so much easier and is so simple to use. And being a well-known brand it reassured me that I was buying a good machine.