Rock Spike Kit

The Kinghitter Rock Spike Kit fitted to your Kinghitter postdriver is designed to penetrate hard pan, Stoney ground and rocky conditions with a high tensile steel spike. A proven performer, especially in Canterbury and other locations that have predominantly loose stones close to the surface. These conditions are notoriously difficult to fence in without a Spike, and even then often need the assistance of water poured onto the hole after the spike has been extracted. The water in the hole helps in two ways; firstly as a lubricant, and secondly the water works like a hydraulic fracturing agent, loosening the stones and soil just enough to be able to place the post at the correct depth.

A 90mm spike is most commonly used for rural fence lines. Whilst the Spike does the job – the Extractor is just as important as the spike takes a huge amount of force to pull back out of the ground. The 8 tonne lift from the hydraulic ram on the Extractor works hard to pull the spike out, however that is exactly what it is designed to – day after day, year after year!

The Rock Spike Extractor can also have the Ram Pilot auger fitted as a combo. This means you can use the Spike or Auger with the same attachment.)

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