Series 2 Postdriver Range

Series 2 Overview

The Kinghitter Series 2 is an incredibly versatile post driver. It can be adapted to suit any type of soil types or terrain and boasts a huge list of options of bases and accessories. At the heart of the Series 2 is the heavy duty 150UC mast, which is manufactured from Premium 350 Grade Steel, to result in a incredibly rigid and durable postdriver capable of withstanding years of punishment in the harshest of conditions. It also includes the universal mount at the bottom which allows quick and strong fitting of accessories.

The Series 2 can be configured in many different ways including rear mount, side mount or rotational. So it can be configured as either a simple rear mounted postdriver for a farmer, right through to a fully optioned professional fencing contractors rig capable of fencing in any conditions across the globe. Check out the full list of options at the bottom of this page under build your own. 

All Series 2 combinations are available in 4 different mast options. These are:

  • S2 400 4.0 metre rigid mast
  • S2 430 4.3 metre rigid mast
  • S2 430 4.3 metre hydraulic hinge mast
  • S2 490 4.9 metre hydraulic hinge mast

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Rear Mounted Options

There are 4 main packages in the series 2 rear mount catagory. These are:

- Series 2 400 Rear Mount 

- Series 2 400 Rear Mount with Mast Shift

- Series 2 430 Rockspike Combo

- Series 2 430HH King Country Combo

Kinghitter post driver with 300mm mast shift option

Series 2 400

The Series 2 400 is a capable, simple to use postdriver with a heavy duty construction.  The fixed mast manufactured from premium 350 grade steel provides the ultimate in strength and regidity, and will withstand generations of hard work. The S2 400 is also completely accessory ready, which means that at any point in its lifespan, kinghitter accessories such as a rockspike or auger can be added on, or mounted to other bases. 

Key Specs Include:

- Easily Mounts to 3 point linkage 

- 4m 150UC Fixed Mast 

- 250kg Hammer 

- 4 bank Valve (1 spare)

- Hydraulic Toplink

- Hydraulic Angle Adjustment 

- Upgrade options available (see "build your own" section).

Series 2 400 With
Mast Shift

Series 2 MS300 mast shift with rock spike on rear of tractor
Kinghitter post driver with 300mm mast shift option

This model takes the S2 400 and adds the Kinghitter Mast Shift. This provides 300mm of sideways travel when mounted directly behind the tractor. This allows for more accurate post placement, especially when straddling the guide wire. 

The movement is silky smooth thanks to the plastic inserts on the slides. These inserts are adjustable and replaceable so this unit will never get sloppy from wear. Requires one valve to operate the hydraulic ram.

Highly recommended to be included with the Terminator base for 4 way movement. Makes fencing with only one person a breeze. Fast, easy and accurate post placement.

Watch the video below to see the mast shift in action.

Best rock spike extractor on the market with 90mm spike

Series 2 430 Rockspike Combo

The Kinghitter Series 2 Rockspike Combo is a specified setup designed for use in rocky ground conditions, a proven performer, especially in Canterbury and other locations that have predominantly loose stones close to the surface.  

It recieves a upgraded mast height, hammer weight and also includes kinghitter's proven rockspike extractor kit and 90mm rockspike. 

Whilst the Spike does the job – the Extractor is just as important as the spike takes a huge amount of force to pull back out of the ground. The 8 tonne lift from the hydraulic ram on the Extractor provides the nessasary power to remove the spike day in, day out. 

Key Details:

- Upgraded 4.3 metre rigid mast gives additional hit for rockspike & strainers. 

- Upgraded 270kg Hammer

- 50mm Heavy Duty Postcap

- 4 Bank Valve 

- Rockspike Extractor Kit 

- 90mm Rockspike 

- Height adjustable legs give increased distance under the post cap – this gives more hit on strainers

- An incredibly robust and versatile postdriver for a wide range of fencing conditions.

King Country Base on tractor with chainsaw mount between wheels and forks for fence posts
close view of King country base showing 500mm sideways movement and 250mm rear shift

Series 2 430HH
King Country Combo

The Series 2 430 King Country Combo is the ultimate in rear mounted post drivers. 

It combines a 4.3m Hinging Mast with the unique King Country Base, which has a sliding pin design to provide 150mm of forward/backward shift.  This combines with the generous 500mm of side shift, to provide 4 way movement and a large hit zone. 

The real beauty of the base is how close to the tractor the post driver is mounted, and the low overall weight. Ideal for steep country and tight fence lines where the tractor must straddle the guide wire. Developed especially for the King Country in New Zealand with its rugged terrain and unforgiving sandstone, mudstone and siltstone substrates.

Fully compatible with all Kinghitter accessories, simply specify an auger or rockspike kit to make this machine your dream setup.  The use of knuckles on the top link ram and dual top link hitch points allows a wide range of mast angles to be reached when required.

- 4.3 Metre 150UC heavy duty mast with Hydraulic Hinge 

- 150mm forward/backward shift

- 500mm mastshift

- 5 Bank Valve 

- Integrated mast and base design for ultra compact mounting

- 270kg Hammer, ideal for hard and rocky ground conditions

The King Country base can also be fitted with a rigid mast, or the telescopic Expander mast. 

Side Mount Options

The Series 2 is also availabe in a wide range of side mounted options to allow the ultimate flexibility and usability. A popular option for contractors wanting to speed up their fencing game and provide accurate post placement while driving next to the fenceline. There are 3 main options in our side mounted packages:

- Series 2 400 Rigid Side Mount 

- Series 2 400 Terminator Combo 

- Series 2 430HH Terminator/Mastshift Combo 

New Post diver for sale with hinge mast and side mount unit showing spade in holder and counterweight

Series 2 400 Terminator Combo

The Kinghitter Series 2 400 Terminator Combo is a heavy duty and highly capable side mounted post driver. Its rugged 4.0m 150UC mast, manufactured from premium 350 grade steel, provides the ulitimate in strength and simplicity. The terminator base provides not only a wealth of accessory mounts and a large tool box, but also gives the unit a massive 950mm of side shift. Simple drive alongside your fence or guidewire, and with the push of a lever, the postdriver will slide into line. The terminator base also includes a 230kg counterweight, so the the rig is perfectly balanced on steep or undulating terrain. 

  • Series 2 400 Rigid Mast 
  • 250kg Hammer
  • Terminator Base 950mm side shift, Toolbox and tool holders, drawbar etc
  • 4 Bank high Flow valve with in/out adjustment on the bank
  • Adjustable Feet
  • 3.0 metres under the postcap
  • Accessory Ready 

New Post diver for sale with hinge mast and side mount unit showing spade in holder and counterweight

Series 2 430HH Terminator/Mastshift Combo

The Kinghitter Series 2 Terminator/Mastshift Combo is a high end post driver that makes fencing so easy you will never let it go! If you are fencing by yourself, the 4 way movement makes accurate placing of the post from the tractor seat a breeze. Just park the tractor close to the mark for the post position, and utilize the 950mm shift from the Terminator base, plus the 300mm movement from the mast shift to pinpoint the location. The hydraulic hinge mast takes only seconds to lower to the transport position, or raise and lock in the working position. A ball valve ensures there isn’t any creep while the mast is up and in use.

The 300mm mast shift has nylon insets on the sliding surfaces, so there isn’t any steel to steel contact. This ensures incredibly smooth operation and they are also adjustable and replaceable. This means the mast shift will always be as tight as the day it was purchased. The Kinghitter Series 2 Terminator/Mastshift Combo is a world class machine – right at the top of its game and capable of handling all day fencing every day without flinching. Completely New Zealand made using the best materials, componentry and technology to have owners secure in the knowledge they own a machine that can easily be passed on to the next generation.

  • 150UC 4.3metre Hydraulic Hinge Mast 
  • 270kg hammer producing up to 36,800kgs of Driving Force.
  • 300mm Mast Shift with Nylon slides
  • Terminator Base with 950mm side shift, Toolbox and tool holders, drawbar etc
  • 6 Bank high Flow valve with in/out adjustment on the bank
  • Adjustable Feet
  • Transport height when folded is 3.1 metres
  • 3.3 metres under the postcap

Build your own Series 2

The Kinghitter Series 2 is an incredibly versitile machine that can be configured in many different ways to suit your fencing requirements. 

With 4 different mast options, 3 hammer options, 9 base options, 3 leg options plus a mulitude of accessories available, the series 2 can be either a simple, rugged rear mount postdriver for a farmer, or fully kitted out as a fencing contractors rig. See below for the complete options list:

  • Mast
    • S2 400 - 4m Rigid Mast 
    • S2 430 - 4.3m Rigid Mast
    • S2 430HH - 4.3m Hydraulic Hinge Mast
    • S2 290HH - 4.9m Hydraulic Hinge Mast
  • Hammer Weight
    • 250kg Hammer
    • 270kg Hammer
    • 300kg Hammer
  • Bases
    • 3 Point Linkage Base
    • 300mm Mast Shift
    • 400mm Mast Shift
    • Fixed Side Mount Base
    • Terminator Side Mount Base - 950mm Shift
    • SuperPro Side Mount Base - 1000mm Shift
    • Skid Steer Base
    • Excavator Base
    • Series 5 180 Degree Rotational Base
  • Legs
    • Adjustable Legs
    • Hydraulic Legs
    • Leg Roller Kit 
  • Auger
    • Ram Pilot Auger Kit - Includes Mounting Kit, Ram & 250cc Motor 
    • 3" RH Auger - Tungston Rock Pilot Only 
    • 4" RH Auger - Option of Hard Faced Dig Pilot or Tungston Rock Pilot 
    • 5" RH Auger - Tungston Rock Pilot Only
    • 6" RH Auger - Option of Hard Faced Dig Pilot or Tungston Rock Pilot 
    • 8" RH Auger - Option of Hard Faced Dig Pilot or Tungston Rock Pilot 
    • 10" RH Auger - Option of Hard Faced Dig Pilot or Tungston Rock Pilot

  • Torque Drill
    • Torque Drill Motor + Mounts + Rockspike Extractor with Hydraulic Rotator (Excl Rockspike & Augers)
    • 100mm LH Rock Auger
    • 150mm LH Rock Auger
  • Rock Spike
    • Rockspike Extractor Kitset & Heavy Duty Post Cap
    • Rockspike Extractor Kitset & Heavy Duty Post Cap with Hydraulic Rotator 
    • 90mm Rockspike
    • 130mm Rockspike
  • Auger + Rockspike Extractor Combo
    • Auger + Rockspike Extractor Combo Kit (Excl Rockspike & Augers)
  • Valves
    • 2nd Tier & 3rd Tier Valves + Mounts 

Optional Extras

exploded view of rock spike kit clear cut

Rock Spike Extractor Kitset

The Kinghitter Rock Spike Kit fitted to your Kinghitter is designed to penetrate hard pan, concrete and frozen ground with a high tensile steel spike.

hydraulic auger motor on mount for Kinghitter rammer post hole borer and hoses new build

Ram Pilot Auger Kit

The Ram Pilot Auger kit will drill through hard pan, clay or lime stone to produce a uniform hole for perfect post placement.

hydraulic motor for Rock spike rotator swings auger into work position one lever extra valve bank

Rock Spike Rotator Kit

An effortless operation allows the Rock spike Extractor to be rotated into the working position for fast operation in the field.

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