Introduction to Kinghitter S2i

The Kinghitter S2i is new to the kinghitter stable, featuring an all-new Hydraulics System, where traditional thinking has been set aside in view of high efficiency and usability. The S2i recycles the oil dumped during the hammer drop within its own hydraulics system, eliminating the need for a high flow dump line. This makes it perfect for specialist applications such as with excavators and skidsteers, as it can be operated from two 1/2” auxilary lines, and with quick release couplings. This also makes interchanging the postdriver from one machine to the next an absolute breeze. “i” is for interchangeable.

The new system of valves control the dump of the oil so that it is always matched to the speed of the freefalling hammer. This means that the rope stays tensioned, which eliminates rope “whip”, shortening the cycle time between hits and increasing rope life. Fast cycle times gives operators a fast, safe and easy to use high performing post rammer that will simply get fences built faster.

Based on the Series 2, it shares the same 150UC Mast made from premium 350 Grade Steel, and is compatable with the entire range of Series 2 Bases and accessories. There are however two key differences that separate the S2i with the standard Series 2:

1. The interchangeable hydraulics (that is the i designation in the name)
2. And the extra safety features that are specified according to the safety requirements of the destination country.

S2i Interchangeable Hydraulics

The Challenge

A lot of oil needs to return to the tractor when the block is falling in a normal post driver hydraulic circuit. A standard hose and 1/2” quick coupling cannot handle this much oil, so it would restrict the fall of the block. To substitute for this large flow of oil, an ingenious hydraulic circuit which recycles the oil within the machine was developed. This meant only a minimal amount of oil was returned to the tractor so no restriction took place. This allowed for the use of the ½” QRC fittings as planned. This is known as the Interchangeable Hydraulic System.

Excavators and Post Drivers

Plumbing post drivers to excavators is nowhere as simple compared to a tractor. Tractors generally have a plug ready for low pressure oil return to tank, however excavators require a separate high flow case drain to be plumbed to tank. This is often an expensive process. Consequently, swapping a post driver between your tractor and digger is often quite difficult. The Kinghitter S2i series post drivers can simply plug into the 1/2” supply and return quick release couplings on both machines, making the transition a breeze.

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The Benefits

  • Use standard ½” Quick release fittings for both power and dump hoses
  • Maximise block drop speed by minimising hydraulic restrictions
  • Be able to connect to any tractor or excavator quickly and easily
  • No restriction to hammer fall speed for maximum hitting power

The S2i Range

There are two different models in the Series 2i stable. These are:

- S2i 400 - 4.0m Rigid Mast 

- S2i 490 - 4.9m Hydraulic Hinging Mast 

Both of these models have available to them the full list of standard series 2 options, including hammer weights, bases and accessories. 

S2i 490 On Skid Steer

S2i 490 with Rock Spike Extractor on Skid Steer

S2i 400 With Rockspike Extractor on Tractor

S2i 400 on Excavator

S2i Safety features

Watch the video at the bottom of this page, which demonstrates how an Australian Standard Kinghitter post driver utilises three different safety mechanisms to ensure the operator of the machine is safe during the process of installing a fence post.

Safety Post Cap

The first is the post cap which sits on top of the post and has a pin piercing the post to hold it in position. So as soon as the post cap is located on top of the post – the fencepost is steered by the post driver controls. This allows the operator to stay well clear of the hammer while it is falling.

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Post Cap Guard

The second control is the post cap guard. This prevents the operator from reaching into the strike zone between the hammer and the post cap.

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Two Hand Control Device (THCD)

The third control is the two hand control device fitted. This system ensures the operator can only actuate free fall of the hammer when they have two hands on the lever controls, well clear of the strike zone.
As soon as only one lever is actuated, the fall speed of the hammer is restricted to less than 1 meter in 10 seconds as specified in the Australian post drivers industry safety standard handbook.

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The combination of these three controls has made this model Kinghitter a safe and easy to use machine. As safety requirements do vary in different areas, prospective owners should check the compliance with their relevant local legislation.

Watch the video below to see these systems in action.

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