The Kinghitter Superpro Base is a top of the line sidemount unit with 1000mm of travel, larger 340kg counterweight and full nylon inserts. This base is designed specifically for Fencing contractors, and is a great match to the Series 2, Fencetech or Expander post drivers. 

Every detail of the superpro is designed for both smooth operation and long life. Use of UHMWPE  (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene), both as slides and as bushes, is an important part of these objectives.  

The larger counterweight keeps the whole rig well balanced, which is very important in steeper country, making the machine operation much safer and stable. 


The long length of UHMWPE engineered plastic is super smooth to use and will not wear or score.

The 340kg counterweight on the Superpro base keeps the post driver rig balanced on steeper terrain.

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