Allows the Series 1, Series 2, and Expander post drivers to be placed in the side mounted position. This Base will completely transform the way you construct fences. Simply drive down the line  and quickly place the post against the guide wires. The Terminator base has a full 950 mm Side shift action. Comes complete with Toolbox, pins, hoses and tow ball as shown. All pivots are machined bushes and are greased. The Terminator sidemount unit can be removed and the post driver mounted directly to the tractor at any time if required. Under the toolbox is a 230KG counterweight. This ensures the postdriver and sidemount unit is kept balanced, even on uneven terrain.

The postdriver does require an extra hydraulic valve function which can be retro fitted if there isn't one spare. The post driver is also free standing once connected to the Terminator base unit, so owners can store their rammer in a shed.


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