Customer Testimonials

The Kinghitter has made my life so much easier and so simple to use. And being a well-known brand it reassured me that I was buying a good machine.
Noel Coxhead - Farm Owner
The post driver that is simple and easy to operate but does a perfect job for the lifestyler like me.
Bruce Watt - Lifestyle Farmer
A true work horse. The post driver that can be relied upon in all conditions and situations I have had 3 Kinghitter Post drivers over 20 yrs. of fencing and they just keep on getting better. I now have the Kinghitter Series 4 and where that can go and the situation it can operate in is incredible
Dave Curry - Fencing Contractor
I have been contracting for over 25 years and the Kinghitter has proven itself so many times especially in tight situations especially with the Series 3 Hydraulic Hinge machine.

In my line of fencing I do a lot of lifestyle block fencing and when you are moving between properties it makes it so easy and quick to drop the hinge move.
Bruce Gillespie - Fencing Contractor
I love the Kinghitter because of the simplicity and reliability of this machine, no job is to tough for it.

The rock spike has been incredible every post I drive needs to be spiked and with this accessory on the Kinghitter my work rate has increased by 25%
Keith Finn - Fencing Contractor
A true asset in the field We love the Kinghitter Series 3 side shift and the ease of operating this machine down the narrow rows.

This purchase was recommended by other vineyards when looking around for a post driver.
Nick Gill - Viticulturist - Greystone Wines
I’ve only ever owned and used Kinghitter Postdrivers. They are clever, well designed, well-built machines that just keep working! Great factory support and advice. Just what we need to keep putting fences up.
Mack Rennie - Fencing Contractor

Tight Wire Fencing have found Kinghitter, awesome to deal with right from the office side, ordering and getting parts to us. Loyalty and accountability from a big company is a dying art. The machines are strong, versatile and robust. They get the job done. We wouldn’t go anywhere else. Kinghitter all the way!!

Rex Graham – Tight Wire Fencing
The Kinghitter Postdriver with hydraulic rock spike attachment is the toughest, most versatile machine I’ve found for putting fence posts into New England’s rock terrain. Because quality and efficiency are essential at any work site, the Kinghitter’s superior performance leaves me and my customers satisfied with every job.
River Valley Fencing – Dan M. Deerfield, MA, USA