Torque Drill

For unmatched auger torque, power and strength, look no further than the Kinghitter torque drill.This unit has a planatery gear drive system, which when paired with the high capacity hydraulic motor, results in an incredable 2300 Newton Meters of Torque!

To give the Drill full stability when working, we have mounted this to the formidable Kinghitter Rockspike Extractor. This gives the ultimate support when drilling, and also means that no matter how deep you drill or how hard the ground is, the auger will always be extracted with laughable ease! This setup also provides the option of adding a rockspike, or hydraulic rotator, which swings the drill in and out of poisition within seconds. 

To complete the torque drill setup, we have introduced two anticlockwise, hardened augers, with the option of hard faced or tungsten rock pilots to suit. These anticlockwise augers mean that the lateral forces created while augering are transferred directly into the face of the mast, so a latch is not required to hold the drill into position. 

The King Of Speed.


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